Liz Williamson Studio sale 2021 Asian Selection wool scarves

Wraps and Scarves

Various prices with the majority between $120 to $400.

Wraps, scarves and wearable pieces have always been hand woven in my Sydney studio and loved, worn, collected and treasured by thousands.

For many years I gave each piece a number and from 1991 to 2010 wove 4210 pieces on 144 warps in my Sydney studio with the assistance of others plus one weaver weaving my designs in her home studio in rural NSW. Many were woven with either woollen or worsted wool threads, with these threads combined with cotton or wool blend threads for a textured or felted finish.

For production, the looms were set up with 20m to 24m long warps, even longer if wound onto a sectional beam. As most wraps or scarves were woven to 120 to 240 cm length, 10 to 12 pieces were woven on each warp. Some warps were multicoloured but the majority were single coloured, often black, navy or grey so each piece was woven in different coloured weft stripes. Wraps and scarves have been sold in selected craft shops, art galleries shops, at craft shows or my studio sales.

In 2008 I started my Liz Williamson: Woven in Asia range in West Bengal, India which I saw as an extension to my studio. In the last few years, I’ve woven fewer wraps and scarves in the studio, concentrating on exhibition pieces, commissions or wearable pieces like the Loop neck pieces and woven leather tote bags.


Various, with the majority of pieces hand woven with wool, wool blend and cotton threads.