Liz Williamson Woven in Asia range of silk scarves Photo Ian Hobbs

Woven in Asia

Various prices with the majority between $80 to $240

Since 2001 I have engaged with artisan groups in Asia in various ways: conducting workshops, teaching, advising on design development and for production of my Woven in Asia range of wraps and scarves.

From 2001 to 2006 I was involved with several development projects working with skilled weavers in Asia to revitalise, evolve and interpret traditional designs into contemporary designs. The aim of these projects has been to provide artisans with income generation and marketing opportunities, enhancing the quality of life for the weavers and their families.

Following these experiences, I began Liz Williamson: Woven in Asia a range of wraps and scarves woven or embroidered in West Bengal by skilled artisans to my design specifications, materials, colour combinations, textures and sizes for the Australian market. The first series woven in this range were weft striped silk scarves woven with the same colour proportions as wool wraps woven years before in my Sydney studio.


Woven in Asia wraps and scarves have been woven in either pure silk, wool or a combination of wool and silk with the textured pieces finished, often felted in my Sydney studio. Kantha embroidered scarves are stitched onto handwoven silk fabric with cotton threads.