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  • Weaving Eucalypts Project: Wangaratta

    23 February 2024 - 31 March 2024

    The Weaving Eucalypts Project is a collaborative project that explores local colour, cultural connections and shared weaving traditions. It began in response to a challenge to create a work that revealed the capacity of textiles to connect communities and cultures together. Extending from my research into plant dye experiments conducted into Australian plants and the unique colours extracted from then, the project features 100 panels woven with fabric dyed by 60 collaborators from 10 countries around the Indian Ocean and with over 50 identified eucalypts species, creates an interesting community of practitioners and highlights the unique colours ‘hidden’ in eucalyptus.

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Events include exhibition openings, talks, weaving workshops and demonstrations, studio sales and her Cultural Textiles tours to India. 

Her studio sales are usually held in October as part of Sydney Craft Week while her workshops, exhibitions and talks are scheduled at various times. Please see the workshop menu for details of previous and forthcoming workshops. Major exhibitions are shown under the exhibition’s menu. 

Liz's Cultural Textiles tours to India focus on artisan handmade textiles and include visits to regional weaving, textiles and natural dye units; short workshops by experienced artisans; presentations by designers, curators and practitioners; visits to social enterprise organizations, museums and historical sites with plenty of time to experience the culture, landscape, environment, beauty and uniqueness of each region.

The Cultural Textiles are currently on hold due to the pandemic but are tentatively scheduled for late 2022 / early 2023. Planned tours are to Gujarat with an extension trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan; a tour of weaving and natural dye units in Western India; and a tour of West Bengal and Bangladesh, the two parts of undivided Bengal renowned for Jamdani weaving and Kantha stitch embroidery.