Loop necklaces

$A280 to $A400

In 2007, a design research challenge was to consider cloths protective character through the qualities and processes associated with folding, covering, wrapping and enclosing. At the loom, I sampled various materials (beads, braids and leather lacing) and explored different weave structures (inlay, tapestry, plain weave and double cloth) with the aim of creating woven objects that captured this idea of ‘protection’. I was also keen to explore different ways of defining wearable objects.

This experimentation led to a series of flexible, tubular forms known as Loop neckpieces. Some Loops were woven in a classic double cloth structure with cotton and leather lacing with the leather giving a round, tubular form to the weaving. Others were woven on a narrow cotton warp in plain weave with cotton in the weft interspersed with picks of leather lacing passing through the shed and looping over the surface.

Since 2009, Loop necklaces have been woven regularly in my studio by others who assisted with production. In 2020 during lockdown, I woven a series which are the majority of Loops available.


Leather lacing and cotton threads in the weft woven into a cotton warp.